Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Special Order Painting.

I was asked by a very special lady to paint a picture for her in memory of her father.  I have painted her a painting in the past so I was happy to paint her another. 
The painting has words to a song the way her dad used to sing them and a phrase he used to ask. I am used to painting faces, ladies with wings etc, not objects really, so this was something new for me. 
We decided on these colors and I really love them and intend to use them again  in the future.  The guitar is brought out by the use of a stabilo pencil and water applied to make it fade out making a shadow. I added some rose to the piece because Lisa is the new owner of a floral/gift shop. So wanted to add something personal  of her into the painting too. You cannot see it but there is papers under the paint that adds depth and texture, there is inks sprayed to add texture and movement too. Inside the guitar circle, I dont know what you call it...but I placed a piece of hymnal paper, from the song , "safe in the arms of Jesus" you really cant read it, but I know its there and what it is about. I like to add something from myself to the paintings. So this is the painting set up in her home. I think it fits right in. Thank you Lisa for entrusting me with your special memories of your dad. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Journal stuff....

Posting a couple art pieces I have done for my art journal and just for my every day life journal. The top was done a few days ago. With all that is going on online, facebook mostly, It has really made me struggle with sadness, anxiety, fear, anger etc. Finally my husband said...just get off of it for awhile. So I decided to do an art page in my journal and the innocence of a child is what is needed, the purity of a child...how far we have come . I added the scripture of Guard your heart, because it really is speaking to me with all the hate being spewed and the negativity. Some times, art.....heals. 
I add its of art pieces here and there in my daily life journal, this one for the back of a calendar flip out. Happy accident with the color going into the modeling paste on the letters. I love it.  quick easy project.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

catching up....Daughter of the King painting.

It has been awhile since I have posted. I seem to keep posting stuff on facebook, but fail to post here in my blog.  I started this painting a few months back. I think I am calling her done.  Daughter of the King is the title of this one. I love how it turned out. I want to always create art that glorifies God, for He is who gave me this  talent and it is my way of spreading God's word , grace and salvation. To be inspirational is a world that can be very harsh . I used acrylic paint, paper, vellum, spray inks, stencils, markers and modeling paste.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Life Journal....finished and bound

I started doing a documented life journal a few years back. First going off of a group, that started the documented life group on facebook. They did prompts for art projects etc and after a while I started feeling like, we were all doing our journals the same. I didnt want to have a book at the end of the year that everyone else had, I wanted MY LIFE, MY WAY in MY OWN style at the end of the year.  It seems that even now that the journals being done are just sticker books to me and lets see how pretty we can make it. That is fine for some people but I cannot find myself doing those. When I started the life book group, everyone had a special journal to work out of and I could not afford to purchase said journal so I used a .25 cent comp book, that was on sale at Walmart. Knowing that adding things to the comp book would make it very fat and would be wedge shaped at the end of the year, I decided to take it apart. I cut the sewing down the binding and then took out the lined pages. I then separate the pages into 10 page booklets and sew them back together. You can add saved junk mail envelopes in between the pages too if you like, to add little pictures too etc. 
I then purchase little calendar pages and washi tape in and sew as well to make it sturdy and so it lasts into designated places. You need to count out the days and get all the number of pages you need for your journal. I also tape and sew the tabs on top . I failed to take pictures of how I bind it together, so will do that at the end of the year and show you then .But you have to wait till the end of the year to see how large your journal is going to be in order to make your cover and binding for it. 
Here are some pictures/snip-its from this past years journal. 

My journal a place to place memories, to vent, to brag, to talk about how life is hard, my fight with depression , my health, life moments etc. Some might find it boring...but it wasnt made for them...it was made for me.  So if your going to make one...dont do it to  make it pretty and random..make it your own, your style, your life.  

Friday, December 30, 2016

special order finished

 Made this special order Christening album for a return customer. 
She wanted it to be chipboard album and the front cover to be white textured paper and lots of bling. I think I have accomplished that for her!I so love the rolled roses on the cover. 
 The pages are out of order somehow in the upload...arg. This is the page 7-8 of the album. again I brought the textured white paper through out as the photo placement areas or tag pockets

 This is page 1-2. 
 Pages 3-4 another large pocket page and a photo placement. I included places to journal by pictures. I love the pearl runners i found to add to pages. 
This is page5-6. I hope that she likes it. Now to get it packed up and mailed out in time for the occasion.